The idea and dream of building a home is nothing less than a daunting task. Yet that dream becomes reality when teaming with a family of builders who see your dream as their own. Working with Lewis Custom Homes Inc., was nothing less than a wonderful experience for our family. Beginning with the basic steps of where to look for plans, to land, to each of the fundamental and construction-related decisions, no question was too minor to be answered and no concern was too small to be addressed. Such attention was provided throughout the process, down to the decorative details. Both structure and aesthetics were approached with practicality and integrity, and every decision was made as a team, all working toward the same goal, constructing a house that worked for us and our family, now and in the future. Long after we have moved into our home, the Lewis brothers are still approachable and reliable. With each step, we were guided and supported, resulting in not only a house, but a HOME.

- Dominick and Sarah Pedulla

Our Family wants everybody at Lewis Custom Homes to know how much the work you did for us made a huge difference in our lives. It quickly became very evident that honesty, integrity, quality, and cost are all hallmarks of your Company. Your unrelenting demand for outstanding quality at a very reasonable cost along with tremendous focus on honesty/integrity made our experience an exceptional one. Our home has not been the place it is now for many years, and we have all of you at Lewis Custom Homes to thank for that.

- Bill and Sue Gibson

From building our first new home, to renovating our kitchen and remodeling the extension part of our house, we have always counted on Lewis Custom Homes. We are confident that anyone facing the difficult decision of selecting a Home Builder will be very happy with the process, service, workmanship and follow through that is provided by Lewis Custom Homes.

- Samir and Mayurika Desai

We couldn't be happier with our new home. The Lewis Brothers were there with us every step of the way and helped turn our dream into reality.

- Michael and Juliana Attilio

When our not-for-profit counseling center set out to purchase and renovate a building to house our services we knew that the time, effort, and skill needed to complete the project could easily over-burden our limited resources. We knew that many contracting and building firms would be unable to take on the level of independence, skill, flexibility, and skilled manpower needed to complete the project within a limited budget. After several unsuccessful efforts to locate a professional builder, Lewis Custom Homes, Inc. stepped up to the plate. Recognizing the ways in which our project would benefit our community, the Lewis's mapped out a plan. From the beginning, several things stood out:

  1. The quality of the Lewis's work was top-level, employing hand-picked subcontractors who were clearly skilled in their trades and who were held to a high standard of quality. The final product reflected their efforts to employ knowledgeable, competent, conscientious subcontractors who took pride in their work and respected the Lewis's demand for quality.
  2. The lines of communication between the Lewis's and I was a primary contributor to the high level of trust that I had in their ability to get the job done. I rarely waited more than a few hours for a return call. Always hearing my thoughts and concerns, the Lewis's took a great deal of time to understand our needs and to help us find the most cost-effective and sensible means of meeting our needs. The Lewis's often took time for unplanned site visits to clarify our needs and to make recommendations. Communication was direct, never filtering through a third-party subcontractor.
  3. The Lewis's managed our project from start to finish, coordinating crews, deliveries, time-lines and detailed projects effectively and with integrity and professionalism.
  4. The project was completed within the proposed time-line and the site was left clean. A final walk-through yielded a few minor concerns which were addressed within a couple of days. In one instance, the Lewis's insisted that a minor imperfection be addressed by a subcontractor even as I noted by lack of concern.
  5. Again, the Lewis's insisted on quality and delivered it within the constraints of a not-for-profit budget. They made the project look easy, going above-and-beyond to deliver a product that will serve our community for many, many years.
- Gregory A. Kovacs, LMFT
Executive Director
The Samaritan Counseling Center of the Mohawk Valley, Inc.